Solid Carbide EndMill 6 Flute Variable Helix

MP Tool’s new VMP-6 (solid carbide six-flute variable-helix end mill) provides precision cutting that allows for more aggressive machining, greater depths-of-cut, and faster feeds than standard design finishing and roughing end mills. VMP-6 has a powerful flute design that offers users substantial improvements in tool life, and it serves as a multi-functional tool. By incorporating several new design features, VMP-6 helps diminish vibration, allowing faster feed rates and improved surface finishes. VMP-6 design allows for roughing and finishing in both peripheral and slotting operations in all types of ferrous materials.

Design Specs:

  • -Standard performance carbide end mill
  • -AlTiN Coated - Other upon request
  • -Slotting/Side/Face/Profile Milling
  • -Special Steps/Lengths upon request


Ideal for Peripheral Finish Milling for Steel, Stainless Steel, Titanium & High Temp Alloys.

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