Solid Carbide End Mill 7 Flute Variable Helix

MP Tool’s new VMP-7 (solid carbide seven-flute variable-helix end mill) provides maximum performance with fantastic results in steels, stainless steels, titanium, Inconel, cast iron, and high temperature alloys. Leaving surfaces remarkably smooth, this cutter offers maximum stability, effectively reducing chatter and harmonics while increasing productivity. VMP-7 has a powerful design that offers users substantial improvements in tool life, and it serves as a multi-functional tool. By incorporating several new design features, VMP-7 helps diminish vibration, allowing faster feed rates and improved surface finishes. VMP-7 design allows for roughing and finishing in both peripheral and slotting operations in all types of ferrous materials.

Design Specs:

  • -Standard performance carbide end mill
  • -AlTiN Coated - Other upon request
  • -Slotting/Side/Face/Profile Milling
  • -Special Steps/Lengths upon request


Ideal for Peripheral Finish Milling for Steel, Stainless Steel, Titanium & High Temp Alloys.

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